Ron Brown Scholars

ron brown scholars from 2017In 2019, we had the pleasure of meeting Ron Brown scholars at Harvard University. We conducted a presentation and discussed many topics such as the job market, their professional goals, and their backgrounds, it was a truly rewarding experience. Many Ron Brown students have an interest in tech, but not all. It remains important for an organization such as diversity talent partners to put in the time and effort to have the discussions and understand their individual goals, in turn, we will send our clients the best fit. Please see below for additional information on the Ron Brown Scholars program.

Since 1996, The Ron Brown Scholar Program, a 501(c)(3) public charity, has been dedicated to improving the lives of intellectually gifted but economically challenged young African Americans. Out of the approximately 5,000 applications received annually, 20 or more scholarships (in the amount of $40,000 each) are awarded to incredibly talented and service-minded young people, most of whom enroll in our nation’s most elite colleges and universities.

The 416 past and present Ron Brown Scholars enjoy a 99% college graduation rate and an impressive array of post-college success in numerous fields of endeavor. Successes have included Ron Brown Scholars named finalists for the Rhodes scholarship, Truman Scholars, Fulbright Scholars and two Scholars elected First Marshal (President) of their graduating Harvard classes. Undergraduate leadership roles on university campuses are filled with Ron Brown Scholars, including the current student body president of MIT.


  • 416 Ron Brown Scholars named
  • 120,000+ applications since 1997
  • Scholarships based upon: financial need, scholarship, and commitment to service
  • 99% Graduation Rate
  • 54% of alumni complete graduate studies
  • 100% Involvement in extensive community service projects
  • 78% of Scholars give back to the Ron Brown Scholar Program financially
  • Over 1,200 Ron Brown captains named