Let’s Work Together

As A Candidate

Passionate. Talented. Diverse. Ever-growing. The Diversity Talent Partners candidate community consists of members who share a common bond of having an intense passion for Big Data and pursue this passion through their academics. They come from top analytics programs across the country and show their talent through projects, internships, capstones, hackathons, and work experience. They are widely diverse in their interests, their skills, and in their backgrounds, which make this community such a great place to join and connect with great companies.

DTP also aims to provide interview coaching. Here, you will learn how to prepare for the interview, receive coaching on what to expect in year one on the job, and what it means to be a good corporate citizen. The diversity talent partners community is continually growing, both in size and in each members’ personal and career development.

As An Organization

Why connect with Diversity Talent Partners? Honestly, we truly care about diversity within the tech world, he have put in the work, and our heart is in the right place. If there was a way to do this as a non-profit, we would. Our overarching premise when we set out to start our organization was to connect two communities, technology departments & diversity candidates. We see a disconnect here and seek to bridge the divide.

We at DTP will build the relationships with both our corporate partners and diversity talent from across the globe. We are concentrated and focused within the data science field, so while our team of recruiters have less technologies to learn you will benefit from having a staffing partner that lives in your world and truly understands what you are looking for. As a small example, most of our recruiters have written code in R and Python, used Tableau and Google Analytics. We will understand your project better than most and in return deliver excellent candidates. Access diversity talent partner’s vetted community of exceptional candidates from across the US for project based and permanent position consideration.

Diversity Talent Partners is only able to achieve our goals of creating opportunities for diverse candidates and innovative companies by partnering with incredible organizations that support our mission. If you are a member of an organization that trains, benefits, supports or hires minorities with a passion for technology we want to partner with you! Please contact us today by calling 919.867.4278 or by filling out the form on our contact page.