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What Sets us Apart

We have created a diversity recruiting model that solves more than just your staffing goals. We’re finding you talent that will help strengthen your company’s culture for years to come. We partner with HBCUs, Women in STEM, Girls Who Code and Black Engineers Association to source data science and data analytics candidates from top-rated educational programs and understand your company’s culture so well that we can spot the right candidate fit upon the first conversation.

Our process

  • We’re analyzing data science programs to assure numerous analytics classes are offered
  • We’re meeting with program managers from top data analytics programs regarding rigor
  • We continue to interview countless professional diversity organizations
  • We ranked university programs based on stringent criteria
  • We’re receiving ongoing resume books for qualified candidates

Diversity Talent Partners offers the next level of thinking when it comes to diversity recruiting. As your company pushes the values of diversity forward, we’re helping you fine tune your hiring to allow for optimal employee retention.

How our candidates can join your team

Direct Hire

Direct hire candidates start out as your employee from day one. This is a great option for clients who are looking to fill a long-term need and who have the resources to bring on additional headcount. Hiring manager relationships are key in this type of delivery. Once we understand your culture and data projects, we’ll find you a diverse applicant pool of 3-5 people.

As part of our process, we conduct an in-depth interview to ensure that both hard and soft skills are a match, that they are within your pay range, and are interested in your company. From there, we’ll help schedule the initial interview with your team, gather feedback from both parties, and discuss next steps. If a match is determined, an offer and a start date will be confirmed.

Project Based Staffing

Our flexible, on-demand workforce solution is powered by our strong pipeline of temporary, flexible candidates who seek project-based work. Your projects can be short or long term, and your resources won’t be tied up with onboarding new permanent employees but rather training these flex workers so they can hit the ground running. This is a great option for companies looking to build, implement or roll out a new software and who don’t have the budget or the interest in adding permanent headcount.

Temp to Hire

Temp to hire is a successful model for ensuring a match between both the candidate and your company. This “try to buy” approach allows for a candidate to work onsite as an employee while remaining on our payroll. In this scenario, we incur all costs of employing this individual and manage both the onboarding and offboarding. This is the perfect solution for candidates being considered for potential long-term job opportunities since it enables qualified associates and valued clients to assess the fit before a commitment is made.

Send Your Job Details

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