About Diversity Talent Partners

Through countless diversity recruiting initiatives, we have helped companies change their technology culture from the top down to be more inclusive, specifically in the data science field.

Enrique Lambrano, Founder of Diversity Talent Partners, has over 20 years’ experience helping companies with talent acquisition. His goal has always been to help employers solve the problem of hiring a workforce that reflects the diverse communities they serve. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Mr. Lambrano studied Public Policy with a focus on the intersection of policy and data analysis. With an obvious interest in data, he then completed a six-month data analytics professional certificate course at The Data Analytics Boot Camp at UNC Chapel Hill.

Mr. Lambrano adds, “While working for a few large corporations in the past, I noticed a desire for more diversity in the technology departments, but a lack of action to connect to diverse individuals. It takes a lot of leg work up front, to find great diverse data professionals, but we are willing to do the work.”

Diversity Talent Partners goal is to develop relationships with high achieving diversity students at the undergraduate, Masters, and PhD level and connect them with organizations committed to a diverse culture of technology professionals. We also look to professional organizations which have individuals who have on the job experience in addition to a great STEM education.

We take the necessary risks to help both the company and the candidate, while offering technological innovation and expert insight on diversity recruiting to create win-win solutions.